CPA784 Bali Denpasar (WADD) to Hong Kong (VHHH)

Screenies of Preflight at Aerosoft's Bali X and SODE's double jetway system.4_1491980006352_2017-4-12_14-5-2-923.jpg 3_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-5-0-203.jpg 2_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-4-50-876.jpg 1_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-4-42-902.jpg 0_1491980006350_2017-4-12_14-4-32-692.jpg

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American Airlines

Taken from flight AAL5910, codesharing with ZonExecutive
KDEN > KLAX (A330-243)

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An afternoon local flight. KAPA - KBDU

To counter the stay-at-home order I took a local flight this afternoon, KAPA to KBDU.
I flew my Piper Arrow III, I took the out of the way route.







0_1585873061170_KAPA-KBDU April 2.png

40.0393653 -105.2260896 

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For Sharing Non-Sim Shots or Non-Sim Videos

In Cabin Photography

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Not for Plane Spotting Image Uploads

Orbx TrueEarth Florida Scenery Looks Amazing

Orbx is working on a high definition Florida scenery add on for X-Plane. Who else is excited about this? I wonder how quickly this is going to melt my graphics card!

I am happy with the Ortho scenery I put together, a long time ago, for Florida with high detail around the airports I was very interested in at the time. Having the detail that this preview shows is wonderful and I am looking forward to trying this when it is released.

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For Your Non-Flightsim Posts

SNL's take on air traffic control

For me it doesn't even have to be Scottish controllers!

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