CPA784 Bali Denpasar (WADD) to Hong Kong (VHHH)

Screenies of Preflight at Aerosoft's Bali X and SODE's double jetway system.4_1491980006352_2017-4-12_14-5-2-923.jpg 3_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-5-0-203.jpg 2_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-4-50-876.jpg 1_1491980006351_2017-4-12_14-4-42-902.jpg 0_1491980006350_2017-4-12_14-4-32-692.jpg

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American Airlines

Taken from flight AAL5910, codesharing with ZonExecutive
KDEN > KLAX (A330-243)

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I like the way X-Plane looks

There is a lot of hype around MSFS 2020 but I like the way X-Plane looks.


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For when you just have to share a non-sim shot

In Cabin Photography

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Not for plane spotting image uploads

Orbx TrueEarth Florida Scenery Looks Amazing

Orbx is working on a high definition Florida scenery add on for X-Plane. Who else is excited about this? I wonder how quickly this is going to melt my graphics card!

I am happy with the Ortho scenery I put together, a long time ago, for Florida with high detail around the airports I was very interested in at the time. Having the detail that this preview shows is wonderful and I am looking forward to trying this when it is released.

Mar 19 Introducing TrueEarth Florida for XP11 - with new TrueColour technology!

WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE STATE! The sun beats down on the state of Florida all year giving it its common name of the Sunshine State. The state flower is the orange blossom which aptly celebrates this beautiful part of the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on ...

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For Your Those Non-Flightsim Posts

FAA Restrictions Around the NFL Super Bowl

Are you considering flying around the Miami area in late January and early February and want to follow the restrictions real world pilots will have to endure? I'm tabulating sites and information that may be of relevance related to the security restrictions placed for the 2020 NFL Super Bowl. Feel free to add to this list.

Super Bowl LV

Special Air Traffic Procedures

Federal Aviation Administration - Graphic TFR's

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